Artist's Statement

My art has always been an outlet for my feelings and emotions.  Seeing other artists overcome life obstacles through their artwork inspires me.  I started with doodling my favorite cartoon characters while a young child in after school programs and have evolved to creating emotional portraits and figures. Those portraits and figures have been able to display the thoughts I cannot verbalize.  I try to paint my expressions on another subject’s form to help me process what I’m feeling.  I want my drawings and paintings to help people like me realize that the full spectrum of our emotions are beautiful and worth acknowledging, even the "negative" ones.  As my perspective on life grows, my art will congruently grow to involve more mediums, colors, and content. I will continue to challenge myself with new conceptual expression and art forms.


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Artist Biography

Aubrey Wilson is a traditional artist born in the 1990’s in the small town of Devils Lake, North Dakota. In the 2000’s, she moved to Arizona. She took art classes throughout high school, predominantly working in oil paints. During that time, she had been juried into several student art galleries and had work published in a university magazine. After high school, she spent time interning for artist Mary Fisher. After a decision to distance herself from her restrictive religious background, she began to further educate herself as an artist and push herself to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. She now challenges herself to learn new mediums and techniques such as digital painting, body art, photography, and compositing, and has branched out to involve herself in community art projects and volunteer work to encourage other to explore art as an outlet.